How to Write a Book in Just 3-30 Days Even If You Can’t Type

Do you have experience or expertise in some particular area? What about all your work/career experience, personal relationships, spiritual searching and course in miracles , all the knowledge, all your life experience, the things that have helped you in life?

Perhaps you’re a computer programmer, you’re a single parent, you’ve been in sales, you know how to open a restaurant or a hairdressing salon. You know what NOT to do in relationships etc which mean you know what to do J! Right? Well, I feel that everybody has a book in them everyone has a story to tell or an experience to help people.

Perhaps you have a how-to book in you or it could be an audio program or video/DVD. It’s such an AWESOME way to help yourself have PR for your life’s work and/or business. Also having written a book will bring you 110% more credibility in the marketplace. So let’s begin ……………

How do we write a book Michele????

This process I am about to share with you is so simple and so much fun. My friend Wilma McIntyre and I wrote “Conversations on Money, Sex and Spirituality in just 3 days using my method. I have been using this method now for over 12 years. I made it up because when I wrote my first book I could not type. This process you can also use when you are going to create a motivational audio program or even a video. (Unless you can adlib to perfection. If you cannot adlib without um thrown in KEEP readingJ) As this method will help you become very clear and totally professional.

Even IF you do not think you have a book in you, writing out the following exercises will help you gain so much clarity on what you do want to do.

I have had MANY people complete this section at my live events, really not thinking they had a book in them and some ended up writing books very quickly with more enthusiasm and passion then they ever knew they had.

If you are reading this now because you DO wish to write a book, I have some GREAT and yet simple examples to help you get started OR to quickly improve the writing you are presently doing.

First of all, make a decision on what it is you choose to write about. For example, if I was in network marketing and I’d been in the business for a while and had success, I know that having a book on how to have a successful network marketing business would be tremendous for adding publicity and credibility about who I am. This can be handed out and also sold through your own Website, or other websites including, and through many other areas. If you do choose to self-publish your own book, which I believe is a wonderful, freeing way to begin a writing career, we’ll be covering that topic in another one of my articles on in the “How to Self-Publish.” For now let’s get the book written.

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