How To Properly Pack Your Books For A Move

Being concerned about the safety of the books during a move might not seem a big deal. Not unless you really care about those david hoffmeister mexico, some books worth a fortune of many hundreds or thousands of dollars. Rare, antique books which worth that much, must be preserved in special conditions, in order to reduce any potential damage. However, the general guidelines for packing books apply to them.

The first thing anyone should do when packing books, is to make an inventory list. When owning valuable books, keeping close records about their condition and placement is mandatory. The next to do is to group and arrange your book collection. Books will be sorted by various desired parameters: age, category, size, etc. This will also give you the opportunity to determine which books are not worth taking. If you have copies of some books, or simply, you do not want to take them, you should place those books separately and figure out what to do with them later.

You can either donate them for charity or gift them to some friends or relatives.
Getting adequate moving supplies for boxes can pose serious problems. If you have rare books that will be placed in a container for several hours or more, you should pick dust-free metal shelves and containers. Wood is not an option, unless varnished with adequate liquids.

For regular books, you can buy cardboard book boxes that come in all sizes. It is important to check the physical integrity of ever packing box. Look for signs of physical deterioration, including tears and holes – moving a heavy pile of books in an unreliable box is a recipe for disaster. Use packing paper for books and use adequate cushioning materials to fill in the gaps. To seal and reinforce the boxes, using packing tape is the usual, most effective solution. Apply layers of packing tape at the bottom of each box and at the side seam.

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