Testosterone and the Use of buy steroids

Most people generally know what testosterone is, and how it affects the body and contributes to physical and psychological growth. buy steroids, the same hormone that causes males (and females) to develop properly can be dangerous if used in the wrong way. Many young men who feel they do not have enough testosterone will use supplements of the hormone in order to increase muscle mass and speed while playing sports, but this could be very harmful. Here are some facts about testosterone and the overuse of the hormone that could help to save your life or the life of a loved one.

The use of steroids is most common in male athletes who feel they are not measuring up to athletic standards. Young men will take steroids in order to ‘bulk up’, or gain weight in muscle mass, and steroids can also make athletes run faster and harder while on the field. For this reason, steroids are almost always abused; as athletes begin to see seemingly positive results from taking the steroids, they begin to take more and more until their bodies can not handle it. In recent years, coaches and personal trainers have made it a point to discourage players from taking steroids, since the practice can lead to injury, physical complications, and even death.

There are several negative effects of taking steroids, including high blood pressure, severe mood swings, aggression and irregular heart beat. Men who have been on steroids for quite some time may have violent episodes and not remember the incident when it’s over. This poses a real threat for the family members of these men, which is another reason why steroid use is so dangerous. Steroid use can also cause heart attacks, severe hypertension, and stunted growth for men who began taking steroids during puberty.

If you know someone who is taking steroids, or if you are thinking of trying them yourself, think again. The short-term effects of taking steroids may seem appealing, but steroids can be very addictive, and could change your life forever–and not in a way you’d hoped. Talk to your coach, school counselor, parent or other trusted adult about the risks of steroid use, and do your personal best to become a star athlete–without becoming addicted to steroids.

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