Is Hugh Jackman on Steroids For X-Men Origins Wolverine?

Well, it does not take long for the Hollywood rumor mills to start up but if you have seen Hugh Jackman’s body, in the latest of the Marvel comic book steroids online… X-Men origins Wolverine. Then you know that he has put on some serious muscle size and in a very short period!

This has given rise to the possibility that Jackman, as well as other Hollywood superstars, have used steroids to add muscle mass and size for their roles. Is all this muscle size the result of hard work and commitment? Ever since Slyvester Stallone was caught transporting steroids into Australia, many Hollywood insiders have decided to leak the “Dirty Secrets” about steroid use. It seems that it is OK for the A-list Hollywood celebrities to use steroids, or maybe NOT!

Recently, newspaper and law enforcement sources have revealed that rappers… 50 Cent, Timbaland, along with Tyler Perry and others, are names that emerged during recent investigations into steroids use. However, law enforcement officials have admitted that they do not have any proof that these celebrities have violated any laws.

You may have heard about Sylvester Stallone… the Rocky star, who pleaded guilty in court recently in Sydney Australia, on two charges of bringing in anabolic steroids (specifically, Jentropin and 4 vials of testosterone.) Stallone told customs officials that the anabolic drugs were to help him treat a pituitary problem, as well as to keep him in top physical condition while he finished the latest Rambo sequel in Asia.

The courts ordered Stallone to pay $2451 in fines and $8200 in court costs. It seems to me that he got off easily. Is this the latest rage in Hollywood?

With all the pressures of becoming lean and muscular, some of Hollywood’s finest are resorting to quick solutions. Of course, we have heard this story before. Baseball players such as, Barry Bonds, José Canseco and others, who have either admitted or have been caught using steroids as a “quick fix” to increase their performance.

To answer the question, “Is Hugh Jackman on Steroids for X-Men Origins Wolverine” the answer is — NO! Anyone can get into that type of physical conditioning through dieting, hard work, and the right training program. Jackman does not have the puffy steroid look that often accompanies the use of anabolics.

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