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Each and every one of us are familiar with the words ‘Award Winning’ and ‘Best Seller’ with regards to a course in miracles whether we are fond of reading book or not. The Awards Winning Books is a highly popular category amongst readers today, and almost all the smart online book stores have a separate section for the same. There are websites, newspapers, magazines and even some bookstore chains that release a list of such book after regular intervals and needless to say, the books that feature in those lists become even more popular.

The entire category of Award winning books is very rich though, as this is a collection of books that have won various prestigious awards like the Booker Prize and the Pulitzer. These awards are declared every year by a competent and accomplished jury. Once the awards are announced, these books generally see a huge surge in their sales. The reasons for such consumer-behavior can be many, including curiosity in readers about the books that has bagged an award. Readers then want to read these books.

If a book has won an Award, it generally is associated with superior academic values or literary quality, and it certainly makes the readers feel that the content is worth reading, if only once. This makes it a safe bet. Sometimes readers pick up books straight from the Award Winning Books section because there is a certain surety about the content of these books, and the readers believe that they will not be wasting their money if they buy them.

Take for example Arvinda Adiga’s book ‘The Sea of Poppies’. The book was released and was registering decent sales in its first few months. But as soon as the book won a highly prestigious book award, publishers recorded an exponential growth in the sales. It can be safely said that the award proved a big magnetic factor in the sales of a book that is anyway a great read. So we see that awards do effect the readers in a subtle way.

Every year the publishers see a boost in sales of their books that have bagged various awards, and each year a lot of authors and writers aim at winning one of these coveted prizes. It is clear that Prize Winning Books attract a lot more readers and buyers than others, and another important factor here is the fact that once an author has won an award for one of his books, his other books also see an initial high sale rate. Finally it all depends on the quality of the book, no doubt, but it sure does give the book and the author an edge over the others. In other words, Awards Winning Books catch the attention of more buyers and more readers because of their critical acclaim and their popularity.

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