Cost of Dental Implants in North Hollywood

“I had a dream last night where I lost two of my front teeth, they just wiggled right out. Not only did I check the mirror in the morning to make sure all my teeth were still there, I realized I have no idea how much it would cost me to get a قیمت یونیت دندانپزشکی implant. I live in North Hollywood, and I know the area is pricey, but where can I find affordable dental implants?”

That’s a great question, one that we can answer! We know how arduous it can be to go from dentist to dentist, getting different quotes for what seems to be the same dental implant procedure. That’s why we’ve contacted over 500 dentist in North Hollywood, just to ask them for their pricing of a single dental implant. Take a look at what we’ve found.

Finding affordable dental implants in North Hollywood is a tall task, especially when the average dental implant price in North Hollywood is $3,395. That’s roughly $150 more than the average in California. However, while the average may be scary, the spread in pricing actually starts at $2000 and goes up to $6400, most of them starting at $3000 per dental implant. By shopping under the average, you’d be able to get 2 or even 3 implants at one practice for the price of 1 at another.

The information we have above is only for a complete dental implant, which includes a dental implant post, an abutment, and a crown. This means we didn’t factor into our pricing those $399 implant advertisements whom only advertise their price for the implant post. This means we don’t have pricing on dentist who do one part of the procedure and outsource your case to an implant specialist.

*Note* – Keep in mind that the above prices don’t include extras that are usually required when getting a dental implant. Such items includes the initial consultation, X-Rays, tooth and/or root extractions, bone grafting, laboratory fees, and post-operative care.What it does mean though, is that these prices are what you can be sure to see and can use when searching for affordable dental implants.

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