Books Can Lead You to an Exciting New Career

We’ve all seen the title under someone’s name: acim author What is that? How do they get paid to do something they love and what are the benefits? If you love to read, how can you start working as a book reviewer?

A book reviewer is someone who usually receives a beta copy of the book before it’s released. While it’s the final draft for the author, they still have a chance to make changes and revisions based on review suggestions like your own. Oftentimes, this is a great way for authors to check the sale value of a story before they invest money into a full-on publishing contract. It also lets them see if there are any glaring mistakes that need corrected before the launch date.

Go Where the Authors Are

When you see a group of people you want to talk to, do you just stand across the street and wait for them to notice you? Of course not, so keep that in mind when you’re online as well. One of the best places to meet with professional authors is through Facebook and Twitter. Become a member of their reader groups and take part on their pages. Communicate with them and respond to their posts.

Let them know you’re in the market for a great book and check out their previous titles. Once you’ve been able to introduce yourself like this, they will pay more attention when you offer your services as a book reviewer. If you have done anything like this in the past, share that information. Keep in mind though that not every author requires previous experience to entrust you with this job. They may want a fresh pair of eyes entirely.

If you’re a member of a local book club that meets with authors, then start making contacts there as well. This face-to-face contact can often lead to productive working relationships and more opportunities based on personal friendships. If you want to meet these people, you must have enough faith to step out and go for it. You’d be surprised how much a simple Hello can get you in terms of valuable contacts and professional associations.

Compensation and Benefits are Two Different Things

First of all, you should know that book reviewing is not always a paid position. Value doesn’t always come in cash form. Sometimes, it comes in the form of connections made with professional and/or award-winning authors to learn from. If you do this service for them, they will be happy to return the favor when your book launches. You can also use their knowledge while you are writing your first project and ask them various questions. However, if you never make contact with them or work with them in the first place, you’ll be lacking in resources.

Duties of a Book Reviewer

These authors are not just handing out free beta copies of books like candy. You need to give them a valuable service in return. This is more than saying, “I really like your book.” Instead, you need to give them a critique that points out what you like, what you didn’t and any recommendations you may have. It’s up to them whether they actually put these into use, but this collection of suggestions from various reviewers gives them a pool to choose from. They can see which recommendations have a common theme and which are random thoughts by only a few people.

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