World Teachers – Spreading the Love of a Lifetime

Their idea? Give non dual teachers to those who rarely read. After all, anyone who loves reading would agree that books can often be a critical source of support when we hit rough patches in life, as well as inspiration to help us strive for great achievements. Often, reading gives us a deeper understanding of each other and our world. If there were a way to supply devoted readers with books to give away, their own enthusiasm would also be an inspiration to others.

Above all, reaching out with a gift is a wonderful gesture of goodwill. Can there ever be too many of these in our troubled world?

Therefore, the first World Book Night happened in 2011. Its founders saw a chance to help people come into contact with new ideas and powerful, life-changing inspiration.

Where do the books come from?

These visionaries have convinced several large publishing houses to support this cause and commit to printing paperback versions of the books on a pro bono basis. These books are clearly marked with information that they are not for sale or re-sale and were printed for this very specific event.

Who decides which books are given away on World Book Night?

An editorial committee is handpicked from among authors, booksellers, journalists and the previous year’s volunteer givers to ensure diversity and the right level of literary expertise.

In early September the committee meets to decide on a short list of books to be published for the up-coming World Book Night. The choice of titles is also influenced by a public vote. Everyone interested in suggesting which books should be among the 25 that are printed in bulk and given away by volunteers on April 23rd, are welcome to send in their suggestions.

The goal is to offer such a range of good books, that everyone will find at least one of them interesting enough to read. Apparently this process is quite successful, as the publishing industry has donated millions of pounds of books so far to this noble cause.

How do the volunteers get their books?

World Book Night “givers” apply for this honor at the World Book Night website. When chosen, volunteers are notified. A few weeks before April 23rd, they are informed that their packages (25 copies of a specific book) are ready to be picked up at a local bookstore, library or other convenient location.

Then, on or around April 23rd they take their “bundles of joy” out into the community and offer a book to anyone they think might benefit from reading it.

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