Becoming a Microsoft Office Specialist

There are a number of qualifications to choose from when considering becoming accredited as a user of Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise software. I would like to explain the advantages of choosing to become a MOS – Microsoft Office Specialist (formerly known as MOUS – Microsoft Office User Specialist).

The MOS exams are available at different levels depending on ability. If you are new to the software, you would be advised to choose to take the basic level training and exams first before advancing to the expert levels. If you are already at advanced level, you can choose to jump straight into taking the expert level training and examinations.

The training and exams cover all aspects of the software, unlike alternative qualifications such as CLAIT or ECDL. For example, in order to pass the Word 2003 expert exam, you will need to know how to perform the following tasks: structure documents using XML, restrict form documents and create indexes.

For a full list of topics you will be expected to have an indepth knowledge of, check out Microsoft’s website at [] .

A further advantage is the fact that different versions of Microsoft Office can be certificated. So if your employer is still using Office 2000 (which many businesses still are) you can become certificated as a Microsoft Office Specialist in Office 2000.

So how would you go about becoming a MOS? The first steps usually involve researching appropriate training courses. This might be at introductory, intermediate or advanced level to suit your needs. However these 1 day courses are unlikely to be able to cover the entire syllabus. So be prepared to study in your own time in addition to your training course. You could try working through a self-study textbook, you can search for appropriate titles at Microsoft’s.

You will never regret deciding to become a MOS. It demonstrates to employers that you are serious about using software fully and making the best of their IT investment.

Further steps? You can become accredited to teach MOS by becoming a MOSMI – Microsoft Office Specialist Master Instructor.

We provide training in all types of software, including Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint), Visio, FrontPage, Project, Dreamweaver and Adobe Creative Suite (Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Acrobat). Our training courses can be run either as public open courses from our schedule or alternatively we can run tailored courses throughout England and Wales to suit you.

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