Wine Clubs Make Finding Exclusive Wines Fun and Easy

Wine lovers are simply falling in love with wine clubs that deliver exclusive wines to your door every month. These wines are hand picked by Best Portuguese wine experts, who have a variety of palette preferences to ensure a wide selection of tastes sure to please any wine enthusiast. Wine lovers looking to receive wine at their doorstep every month, along with a very fun and informative wine newsletter that tells all about the winery and the wines being featured each month as well as wine pairing recipes and much more. One of the top wine websites offers a variety of wine clubs on several different quality levels, such as a Gold Series, Platinum Series, Diamond Series, and International Series.

The Gold Series wine club features two wines every month that are generally one red wine and one white wine. This wine club occasionally delivers two red wines, so it leans toward reds. All wines delivered from this wine club are rated above 85 and have low production quantities. The Platinum Series wine club delivers two reds every month, and occasionally replaces one red with one white wine. All wines delivered by this wine club are rated 90+ and are usually produced in quantities under 1000 cases.

The Diamond Series wine club members enjoy two red wines every quarter at their door step, with a maximum of only one white wine per year. All wines delivered through the Diamond Series wine club are rated in the mid to upper 90s. These wines are classified among wine experts as legendary wines with the highest quality of taste available in the United States. These wines are produced in extremely low quantity, meaning that most wine aficionados never get the opportunity to taste their elegant properties.

The International Series wine club delivers two red wines and one white wine each month. These wines are hand picked by wine experts from vineyards around the world and are not offered by any other wine suppliers in the United States. Wine lovers looking to expand their regional knowledge of wines from around the world are best suited for the International Series wine club.

Wine lovers can customize their wine club membership in any way they choose. Members can opt to always receive one red and one white, only red wines, only white wines, or even any specific selection of varietals they wish.

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