Spiritual Awakening Tapping Into Your Own Destiny

daniel elijah joseph if you have ever studied psychology, you have probably heard the term self-actualization. It was developed by an individual by the name of Abraham Maslow who believe that people could fully self-actualize by following a specific protocol that he had developed. From a perspective, a person that is self-actualize is actually tapping into their very own spiritual awakening. Each of us is born with a certain path that we must follow, and we all have different gifts that can not only help others, but help ourselves. This article will address how you can have your very own spiritual awakening, thus starting on the path of what you were meant to achieve.

What Is A Spiritual Awakening?

In order to awaken spiritually, there are a couple things that you need to do with your life. The first is to not be emotionally connected to the problems that you are currently facing as they will preoccupy every thought, and thus every decision, that you make on a regular basis. People that are in a proverbial rut are actually there because they are following the habits that they have developed over the years. In effect, we are no longer making choices, but simply reacting to our environment around us, which leads us down the same path over and over. In order to escape this rut which may be something you would like to do, your spiritual awakening which begin to manifest the things in your life that means something to you.

The Power Of The Interrupt

With each person using spiritual awakening, there has to be some form of an interrupt. For instance, if you are going through your life as you do each day, and you suddenly have an accident which prevents you from being able to go to work, or to even function properly, this will most certainly disrupt your regular life. At this point, many people try to assess why the accident occurred, and what they will now do based upon the injuries they have sustained. Once they recover, they will have different routines, and different perspectives, allowing their life to change. In the same way, to have a spiritual awakening, you need to break free from the routines of your regular life. It is only by doing so that you can truly have a chance of finally walking down the path the universe has provided for you. Your interrupt may come as an epiphany that you realize one day, or through writings that you journal on a regular basis. They could simply be that you can no longer stand the life that you are living, and you are highly motivated emotionally to make that change. Therefore, if you have any desire whatsoever to actually become the person you are supposed to be, you must interrupt your regular everyday patterns, begin to escape your rut, and move down the proper path.

Beginning Your New Life

Once you you have made a conscious decision to change your life for the better, and you have found a way to interrupt the routines of your daily life, you can now set down the path that you were meant to be on, feeling confident that you need to move forward, and find a way to self-actualize and become the person you are supposed to be. This process may take a couple weeks, or even a couple years, depending upon what your ultimate goals are. But in the end, by making the decision to change your life, you can truly have the ability to achieve a spiritual awakening, and begin living the life of your dreams.

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