Is the Term Dried Poppy Pods Really Such a Dirty Phrase?

Most people think of only one thing when they hear the word “poppy”, but people who enjoy crafts and have a vivid imagination are able to turn dried poppy Relx Vape into amazing works of art. It turns out that there are any number of attractive flower arrangements, wreaths and ornamental swags that can be created to bring striking beauty to your personal space or that can be created for sale at neighborhood bazaars or seasonal craft shows.

They come in various sizes and are normally offered in small, medium, large and mammoth or jumbo sizes. The largest pods can be as much as 10″ in diameter, with the smallest pods being as small as 2″. They are sold on the stem, which can either be straight or twisted, depending upon the drying method, and which can be cut as short or as long as desired. The most common way to dry them is to hang them upside down in bundles, which results in the straight stems that are most often used for more formal arrangements. An alternative way to dry the pods is to stand them up in a container, which results in the stems twisting as they dry and lending architectural appeal and interest to more informal arrangements.

Often the twisted stems are woven with raffia, ribbon, or the stems of other flowers in dried floral arrangements and wreaths. Poppy pods are most commonly used for seasonal fall arrangements, but a bit of air-brushed color or stain can adapt your artistic masterpiece to just about any season. They make a great ornamental accent to poinsettias when spray painted silver, gold, or other metallic colors, even green or white. Or picture them painted in vivid pastels as Easter Eggs in a vase with lilies, some lively greenery and pretty ribbons. Stencils can be used to add stylish butterflies, ladybugs, dragonflies, any type of sentiment or even fanciful scrolls around the pod. This floral medium can be used in countless ways.

Combine colorful dried flowers and fragrant herbs with dried field poppy pods for an eye-catching wreath. Salvia borminum, marigolds, marjoram and pink pepper berries are just some of the dried flowers that combine well with poppy pods. Add a little rosemary or sage, or even eucalyptus to add scent to your arrangement. In order to make a more delicate wreath or arrangement, combine miniature dried poppy pods with baby’s breath, lavender or lacier varieties of dried plants and dainty ribbons.

Explore the effect of combining the twisty stems with bulky dried blossoms and oriental paper bush for a more dramatic arrangement. Even old, tired arrangements can be given new life by just adding a few colored or decorated dried poppy pods.

Crafters can locate poppy pods in their local craft supply stores, but the largest varieties are offered found at online retailers. If you are a commercial enterprise then you could find that these same sources will allow you to order in bulk resulting in higher discounts. Sometimes whole neighborhoods or clubs will go in together in order to be able to reap the savings of bulk pricing along with free shipping in some cases. Simply search the web using keywords such as dried poppy pods, dried poppy pods for sale and you will find numerous online retailers who can fill your requirements. When selecting an online retailer make sure to find out how the poppy pods are packed and shipped so you can be sure they will arrive undamaged.

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