If you want to be a successful and renowned author, then you need to have quality content. Quality speaks for itself. Before you think of getting your acim bookstore published or about how to self-publish a book, go through your content again and again to make sure that it the best quality you can produce.

Proofread it multiple times yourselves, read it loud, share it with your closest friends to get their feedback, and finally, seek professional editing. Editing is an important aspect in completing a book, and it can create a completely new dimension for your book. You may be able to get initial jumpstart if you spend a lot of money in marketing and promotion, but if the quality is not good, it will not help in the long-term.

What is Seen is Sold

Visibility is key when one answers to the question of how to self-publish a book. You may have written a great book, but it will not sell unless it is visible and known. The cover page of the book is a very important factor in selling your book, irrespective of whether you are going for traditional paperback edition or an eBook. Use professional cover art even if it means a relatively higher investment cost. The more interest you are able to generate by the cover of the book itself, the more books you will be able to sell.

Getting an International Standard Book Number (ISBN)

Although it is not mandatory to get an ISBN if you are selling your book yourselves, chances are that you want to sell your books through bookstores, libraries, distributors, retailers, online stores, as well as other venues. To sell through the above channels you will need to obtain an ISBN number, which provides a standard way to identify any book. You can find detailed information about getting an ISBN in a lot of books and online portals for teaching how to self-publish a book.

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