Guard Your Home from the Arizona Sunlight Utilizing a Gift of Nature: Trees

If you already reside in Arizona, then you likely know that as much as the sun gives us, it is also responsible for damage. Residents of the Midwest are also acquainted with the damaging affects of weather, as they have to deal with salt damage that causes expensive problems like rust on cars. In cannabis scrog, the damage has a different result. Vehicles will have a faded roof and deteriorated interior. This pertains to homes as well. The sun can and will damage your roof and fade paint and interior furnishings. Although many people think that a window serves to lessen the damage caused by the sun, the truth is that carpets, furniture and curtains will become very damaged and faded by the sun with time.

A few remedies are suggested. Replacing glass with specialized glass that blocks harmful UV light is one step, as is painting UV-stabilized coating to protect wooden doors, the patio, the roof, and other areas. However, one of the better ideas is to fight fire with fire – or, rather, fight nature with nature. While many might make a run for the local hardware store to remedy the situation, a visit to the local nursery might be a better selection. At the very least, planting trees and shrubbery can be used together with the methods already mentioned.

Block Damaging Sunlight Naturally

To be sure, planting trees can be an expensive proposition. A fully grown tree can be very costly when compared to a sapling, or newly sprouted tree. If you want a swift solution to avoid the damage of sunlight, you will have to simply deal with the expense of a full grown tree. If you prefer to take a cheaper route, you can put in younger trees then use varnish, awnings, and protective glass while your trees grow to an adequate height. Don’t forget to plant on the southern part of the house in order give your home protection during the summer.

As your unique home and landscaping circumstances will differ, there is no precise course to planting trees that will be used for shade. Some homes simply do not have a place for large tress. You also need to consider whether or not the spot you are looking at gives the tree enough space to grow large roots. Also, even if you put a tree in a space that is not getting direct sunlight, the tree can still render the home cooler and block UV light. This is one reason to weigh other spots than those that are getting direct sunlight.

Consider the Tree Types

When you settle on the species of trees that you would like to plant, keep in mind that Arizona has an extremely dry climate. The best types of plants are cacti, but unfortunately these do not offer shade. Since trees require water, it is better to pick types of trees that do not require a wetter climate. Make sure that you are also picking trees that are not susceptible to leaf burn, which can be common in trees that are not acclimated to the Arizona desert. Some excellent trees to contemplate in Arizona are: Chinese Pistache, Palo Brea, Evergreen Elm, Chilean Mesquite and the Fan Tex Ash.

Trees Will Reduce Your Expenses

The temperature in Arizona can very often be 90 degrees, even in the shade. Planting trees will lower your energy expenses since a shaded home is cooler and therefore requires less air conditioning. You will also get more pleasure from your yard if you have large, cool trees to sit beneath on a warm fall day. Planting trees will increase your homes’ worth, and you will definitely enjoy your property that much more.

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