Copper and the Last Copper Cookware Maker

When buying a set of cookware belgique a person will almost always consider the make of the items he is about to get. The materials used are a big factor that affects the durability of the item. There are many kinds of materials now being used in manufacturing modern cookware. There’s aluminum, steel, hard plastic and iron. Yet one of the oldest and still one of the more durable material is copper.

Copper has long been used in the olden days. Although quite rudimentary, the characteristics of copper can not be discounted. Copper is a very good conductor of heat. This alone makes it a top contender in cookware production. It can more easily cook food this way. Copper is ductile. This means that it can be easily shaped or hammered to thin sheets.

Thus, working with copper is not that difficult. It will be easy to shape spoons, forks, pans and pots. Copper cook wares are definitely durable and long lasting. It can be for keeps for a very long time especially with proper care and maintenance. However, copper cookware is not that popular anymore as other makes surfaced in the market. Today, it is quite difficult to look for cookware made of copper. But one company still believes in the efficiency of copper and continues to manufacture copper cookware. And that’s Hammersmith Corporation.

Hammersmith Corporation is the last surviving solid copper cookware maker in the United States. The owner, Jeffrey Herkes, proudly emphasized that they only have a total of 12 employees making these serving and cookware pieces, with either silver or tin linings. Aside from this, they also re-tin copper cookware.

They get their supply of C11000 or copper from Revere Copper Products, Inc. For professional cookware, the copper material they use ranges from .090 up to .125 inches thick. Their home cookware ranges from .064 up to .080 inches thick. Many restaurants patronize Hammersmith products, like the New York’s Waldorf-Astoria Hotel.

Hammersmith cookware is available in several Williams-Sonoma Stores. These are also available in New York, along downtown Manhattan’s Bowery.

Most copper cookware sold in the US is made overseas. The ones manufactured in Korea have a varnish finish because it is only for display purposes. About 10 years ago, there were still several copper cookware manufacturers. At current, the sole survivor is Hammersmith. Mauviel Cuprinox Cookware is made from 2.5mm external copper. Its interiors are made from stainless steel. Its handles are from sturdy cast iron material. Ruffoni Italian Copper Cookware is used to cook pastries. It features exceptional conductivity, and distributes heat evenly.

Although it might be difficult to find, Hammersmith perpetuates kitchen items made of copper. If you must, buy one copper kitchen utensil and compare it with your existing items in the kitchen. After all, side by side comparison is one of the best ways to see which one is really better. The only imaginable setback with copper is its high tendency to rust and corrode. When this happens, it can contaminate food and might cause illnesses. But this is easily counteracted by lining it with stainless steel. This way, the cookware maintains the pleasant characteristics of copper even if it is not seen.

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