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When you are planning your small business marketing, you hear from many sources you should be on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, getbusinesstoday and YouTube. But why are these social media sites important.We’ll specifically take a look at the benefits your business can get from YouTube and Facebook. Both platforms use videos to engage their viewers and address the questions they have.

If you own a small business, you cannot ignore this fact because YouTube for business spills over into the Facebook market very rapidly.

CNet reported that 680 million out of 1.06 billion Facebook users used mobile devices at the end of 2012. And Comscore reported that nearly one-third of Americans (129 million) used Smartphones as of the first quarter of 2013.

These facts alone suggest that Facebook and YouTube are a force to be reckoned with in mobile marketing. In fact, YouTube reported that videos views on mobile devices tripled in 2011.

As a small business, video marketing on YouTube and mobile marketing with Facebook can help you grow your business by sharing relevant content, networking and providing marketing solutions.

If you had to choose one that could impact your business the most, which one would you choose, Facebook or YouTube? Let’s address the benefits of both platforms.

More and more people are seeking video responses to their questions so this would give the edge to YouTube. Plus, YouTube videos get many more views because videos can be shared among more social platforms than Facebook alone.

YouTube is becoming more of a player in the social media world. The use of annotations, social media icons and clickable links to associated websites makes YouTube extremely attractive.

In terms of video SEO, YouTube encourages you to add at least 10 keywords to your “Tag” section so they can properly categorize your information for viewers.

YouTube creators dream of having their videos go viral, but the chance of that happening are very, very small. On Facebook it can be a different story.

Since videos can be shared with the “Like” button On Facebook, it is easier to create more links on “Friends” and “Fans”. This makes it possible for the videos to go viral on Facebook.

As was mentioned previously, new generations of Smartphone users view their Facebook page 68% of the time. This makes it difficult to ignore the impact of Facebook and mobile marketing.

Is there a clear winner here? No there is not. The most important consideration when using these platforms is to know why you plan on using them.

To say, “I need to be on Facebook or YouTube” is irrelevant if you don’t have a purpose for doing small business marketing. Both platforms are outstanding marketing solutions when used to help the end-user – your customer.

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