A Resale License Makes For a Quick Home Based Business Start-Up

I recently attended an internet marketing seminar and was very excited to learn how you can turn a popular product into a big ticket item by adding a resale BRITISH COLUMBIA FAKE DRIVING LICENSE. A resale license is where you are selling the rights to other for them to be able to legally reproduce your product (that is generally an electronic product or a CD or DVD) and they have your permission to sell it and keep the profit.

I was interested to learn that the resale license is a written document in which you can specify whether the resale license is to sell or promote your product either on-line via the internet or off-line via such markets as the direct mail market. The resale licence provides a great opportunity for other marketers to purchase the rights to a product that is aligned to their niche and if it is a popular product can help boost your marketing campaign if you are not yet well known in your niche market.

The resale license is generally priced at twenty five times the retail price. So that means if a product sells for $30, the resale license could sell for $750. This can be a great cash injection if you are selling the resale license and if you are purchasing the license, you can recoup your investment after 25 sales if it is an electronic product or a few more if it is a CD or DVD (depending on your production and postage costs).

In the Resale License you can also specify the territory that the license applies to and such where the reseller can actually sell your product. I believe the license can specify a country or a state in which your product can be sold. So for example you may want to limit the number of licenses you make available so that they have more appeal to potential buyers so that they will have a limited number of competitors. To give you an example if you were selling licenses for your product to be sold only in the United States you may want to limit the total number of licenses for the USA to 30 or 40.

If you manage to sell all your licenses you will make a tidy sum of money but you will have plenty of competition also selling your product. It will be great exposure for you and your product to have so many resellers and you are no doubt planning to have subsequent products that you may then decide to make resale licences available for. You can ensure that a price war does not ensue by including a minimum price in the resale license that your product can sell for.

If you have a series of products that you released earlier on in your marketing campaign and have since had more success with your subsequent products you may be able to sell the resale license for those earlier products as a bundle that can all be sold together under the one license. Doing this may mean that you can add value by including one or two products in bundle on the license at no extra cost.

The important thing to remember is that your product has to be good. No point trying to add a resale license to a product that has not sold well. Your prospective resale license shoppers will want to know that the product is a saleable item and will no doubt want to see testimonials that they can use in their sales campaign and copies of any media coverage (especially scanned newspaper cuttings) your product has received.

The purchase of a resale license for the direct market is one of the fastest and easiest ways I know of to set yourself up in a home based business. Many niche products can be advertised in magazines that sell directly to that niche. Some magazines may offer to advertise for free and in return split the sales profit from the advertisement with you.

These two art products already sell well in Aust and NZ and can be quickly, easily and inexpensively reproduced on your home PC and printer. You can sell the two art products together as a pack or separately. If you do what I did and strike up an agreement with an art magazine in your country, you can ask them to promote for no cost one of the products in their magazine for a 50% profit split. You can then include inside the packaging a leaflet about your second art product at a discounted price or offer free postage. This way you keep all the profit on the second item that you sell.

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