The Important Strategy of Looking For Value Odds – Win at Football Betting

There are many instances, where the bull789 might seem to have sure-fire betting chances. As a result, one might end up placing a bet of around £20. Even if there are maximum chances of wining at any given point of time, the risk of losing the £20 still prevails. Therefore, the odds and risk of placing the bets on such dicey teams entirely depends on experience and risk managing factor of the player. In addition, experts suggest that, playing “looking for value odds” football betting strategy on a similar game several times, does not prove lucky every time.

Now, consider that, of a value odds of the football betting strategy, there are two football teams, such as Team A and Team B. Team A is playing on home ground as compared to team B and displays score of 1/8 of win. Here, one needs to place a bet of £10 on team A and likewise may win around £11.25. Over here, £11.25 is the profit. However, if this same game would have been played at least 10 times, then the amount that one might have placed at stake would have been around £100. If Team A had the chances of wining all of the 10 times, then one could have won profits of around £11.25 x 10 = £112.50.
However, if Team A had lost even a single chance amongst the ten chances in looking for value, then one would have earned only 9 x £11.25 = £101.25. Therefore the question arises, was it really a wise decision of betting on Team A? Yes, because there might be chances of wining good percentage of profit on such teams. If one still takes the risk of placing bets on such teams, then he or she might be at higher risk of wining the cash and end up losing some thing big.

Now, if there is a new team on the block playing at their home ground, and the bookies intend to place a bet at 4/5 on that team only because, the team had done remarkably good in the recent times. Then, based on the facts that some team do wonders in their home grounds, while some do not while they are away, it is difficult to judge the betting at 4/5. Now, the question that arises is, whether the new team will win 2 out of 3 games. Even if it wins, the profit earned will be small. Therefore, the amounts will be £3 for the new team for wining 3 games, and 4/5 will help one to earn £3.60 for wining 2 games. However, any team that creates a hat trick is doing remarkably good on looking for value on football betting.

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