Fuller, Darker Eyebrows Are Back In – Get Yours Now!

eyebrow tattoo Perth frame the face and draw attention to your beautiful eyes. The shape of your eyebrows may make your eyes look bigger opening up your face for a more beautiful appearance. As the old adage goes: Eyes are the window of the soul. A dark, full eyebrow will give you a much younger, more youthful appearance than a sparce patchy brow. How to get a thicker, darker, stronger, fuller, more beautiful eyebrow? Read these tips:

Some brows require more work in this department than others. You may choose to tweeze, wax, or thread you brows. Don’t overpluck your brows, they are notorious for being difficult to grow back and fill-in. You may choose to go to a professional to have them properly shaped. You can maintain that shaped by tweezing the strays only. Depending on the rate of growth, you may need to have you brows newly shaped every 2-3 weeks. Take note: the ideal time to pluck is after a bath, when your pores will be open from the heat, so the hairs will be easier to remove.

Eyebrow pencils and powder are readily available at any drugstore. Choose a lighter shade to experiment with. Make a few tiny light strokes of powder or pencil and brush into brow, following the arch. You don’t want to draw new brows, just fill in the patchy areas. Always comb the eyebrow hairs upward and outwards to give a wide-eyed look.

Using a clear mascara or eyebrow gel. Brush in upward strokes following the arch to set your brows and tame any stray “turning” or “wild” hairs.

Nourish your eyebrows with an all natural conditioning stimulant formulated with ingredients known for their high quality and effectiveness for the utmost hair growth.

Brow Relongé is formulated with ingredients known to be highly effective at stimulating eye brow hair growth. These ingredients work synergistically to nourish and provide moisture to the brows, maximizing their growth potential.

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